Breaking Dawn

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After New Moon's record-breaking opening weekend, MTV sat down with Michael and asked him whether or not Breaking Dawn will be made and if it will be broken up into two films as rumored. Catch the interview here

December 7, 2008

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Hi everybody,

Not bad, right? Not everyone agrees with me, but come on, I thought it was great! The feedback I’ve received about “Twilight,” has ranged from “laughably bad,” to “Perfect! Better than the book!” Overall, I thought it was pretty good! I’m glad we get a chance to make “New Moon” and “Eclipse,” because I think we can do better, but all things considered, I’m very happy with this movie.

Thank you all for coming out to see the film with such fervor these opening couple of weeks. Thanks to you, “Twilight” has its’ place among the elite cultural juggernauts of this decade, right up there with “Napoleon Dynamite,” Dave Chappelle’s impressions of Rick James and Lil’ Jon, and those hilarious talking cavemen who just want a little respect from the Geico Corporation and an ignorant modern society!

If you liked the movie, right on- I couldn’t be happier. If you didn’t like it, hang in there, we’re gonna come back strong with “New Moon.” If you REALLY didn’t like it, I am so sorry we failed you. I’d pay for your refund myself if I had the time, resources, and money. But unfortunately, this economy is hittin’ everybody, and that includes us smalltime Hollywood folk. If you REALLY didn’t like ME, you’re a pretty harsh critic because I thought I was just FINE. So :P Granted, my “fake gun” pointing in the prom at the end was a little cheesy… Ok very cheesy… But what do you want? Mike Newton isn’t a complicated guy. He certainly has a valuable role in Bella’s life, but this kid is no “Hamlet.” He’s just Mike Newton! I did my best. I hope our little high school crew got a couple of chuckles out of you.

What can I say? It’s been such an honor to be a part of something that has generated such electricity. At a “Twilight” Border’s event in Westwood, CA, we raised over $700 for Kids With A Cause. Thanks again to those of you who donated, that money is going to help a lot of kids.

The premiere was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I felt like late 90s’ Joey Fatone (Rob being Justin Timberlake, of course). My only regret, and this is true now (I’m not just pandering), is that I didn’t get to spend more time with the fans. Instead, I had to answer the same three questions for over two hours. But nonetheless, it was an amazing night.

The Hollywood Santa Parade was a lot of fun. I’m glad Justin Chon was there with me to spread some Christmas happy. At one point I was ambushed by a progressive blogger to share my views on Prop 8. You know I try to stay out of the public discourse when it comes to politics, but I decided not to wimp out, and I said what I think. I believe this particular issue will be viewed by history in such obvious terms, I find it uncontroversial to publicly take the position I’ve taken. There is no debate in my mind. The battle for civil rights, human dignity, liberty, and love rages on, and the more we collectively move toward those things, the more perfected our union will become.

I’ve been working on a movie called, “Rough Hustle.” It’s about a small group of amateur card counters who try to get their piece of the American dream in Las Vegas. We shot for a week in a town called Mesquite, NV (right off the 15, just north of Bunkerville). The people of Mesquite COULDN’T HAVE BEEN NICER. They were nothing but welcoming and kind from the start. Some of the cast and crew attended a midnight screening of “Twilight” with me in Mesquite, and the kids there were thrilled. I felt a little bad keeping them up until 3-4 in the morning. It WAS a school night. But not that bad. I’m sure they’ve recovered fine by now. Thanks again Mesquite.

I also want to mention James Elam for featuring me in the first ever issue of The Digital Backlot Magazine . Thanks for thinking of me James. I’m sure you’ll feature a lot of great people over the years and I’m honored to be the first.

Have a great holiday season everybody! Merry Christmas!! Happy Chanukah!! And to my secularist readers, Happy time off of work and school!! Make the most of it! Love each other! Let’s have a great 2009!!!


November 18, 2008

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Michael sends his love to his cousin Samantha in Boynton Beach Florida. He wants to say hi to all her friends in Mrs. Patridge 4th grade class.

November 7, 2008

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Michael wants to let everyone know that when he comes up for air aroundThanksgiving he will update "the latest" about his experiences on Speech andDebate, Rough Hustle, and theTwilight Premiere and Borders Twilight podcast.

~holly aka webmistress!

September 26, 2008

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Hey folks,

Thanks to everyone who has been coming out to see us in Speech & Debate (yes, that means you Twi-Hards too)! It was great to see so many family and friends at the previews and opening weekend. Mae, Aaron, and I really appreciate it.

Opening Night was a ton of fun -- Ryanne flew in from the Netherlands and Larry Richman from Philadelphia, and he posted these pictures on his sites.

Check 'em out! (click the link)

-- Michael

September 21, 2008

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Hey guys,

I've been involved with Kids With A Cause since 1999. If you want to know more about these cool people, just check out their website:
Here is a vid I made to help show kids how they can chip in to save the environment!

- Michael

September 1, 2008

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My cousin Jon Rosenbloom, a very cool guy, has made up these PoliTickle Teez to put the humor back in politics. He is a great screenwriter who sold an awesome script to DreamWorks. Take my word for it, he is an incredible writer and you will be hearing from him. But for now check out my clip for my cousin's Teez and Vote because that is NO JOKE.. VOTE NOV. 2008 SO YOU CAN HAVE A SAY IN YOUR WORLD! (Possible offensive language on clip)